Genoa Township Land Conservation Association is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that works with homeowner associations, landowners and concerned township residents to preserve open space and protect the natural and scenic resources found in Genoa Township of Delaware County, Ohio.

The wooded ravines and old-growth forest in the area represent some of the last natural topography in Genoa Township. GTLCA is committed to work closely with all public officials to support its purpose and to encourage community participation in all preservation efforts.

We encourage you to visit and learn more about our nature preserves and to join in the effort to protect these areas.

What's Best
About GTLCA?

"We could mow down the meadows. We could cut down the trees. We could bury the streams. But, someone in Genoa Township thought that wouldn't be the best idea, and they created this organization to ensure that we and our children have local nature preserves to cherish far into the future. That's what they did, and I'm glad for it."

— Jamie Abel
GTLCA board member