Q: What is the Genoa Township Land Conservation Association (GTLCA)?

A: GTLCA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that works with homeowner associations, landowners and concerned township residents to preserve open space and protect the natural and scenic resources found in Genoa Township.

Q: What are the rules and regulations of the GTLCA land parcels?

A: The GTLCA preserves are open daily sunrise to sunset for foot traffic only. Please stay on the provided walking paths. The following are prohibited:
  • Disturbing the peace

  • Vehicles, bikes, horses

  • Pets, except on a leash (clean-up is required)

  • Alcohol or illegal drugs

  • Fires (no smoking; no discharging of fireworks on or over property)

  • Littering (no dumping of waste including grass clippings, soil or other yard waste)
  • Camping

  • Swimming or ice skating

  • Signs or structures

  • Sound producing devices (earphones are permitted)

  • Weapons (guns, rifles, bow and arrows, paintball guns, knives)

  • Hunting
, trapping or fishing
  • Addition, alteration, or removal of plants or wildlife

Download the regulations for more details.

Q: What exactly does ‘nonprofit’ mean?

A: GTLCA is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, nonprofit organization. Contributions that people make to our organization are fully tax-deductible to the amount allowed by law.

Q: What criteria does GTLCA use to accept land donations?

A: The following are the land donation criteria:
  • GTLCA will not accept any parcel of land that requires maintenance at GTLCA expense, and any future maintenance shall be provided by the acting Homeowners Association.

  • A donation is required to cover liability issues.

  • Property taxes must be paid in full for a year.

  • The property must be cleared of any refuse.

  • The property must have public access which includes a public walkway throughout the parcel. This access cannot be through a homeowner’s property, but the access could cross Homeowners Association property.

  • There must be an annual filing of File 990 with the Attorney General’s office.

Q: How can land be tax deductible?

A: The landowner receives the difference in the value of the land between when the easement was given and the current ‘reduced’ value or the full property value if a deed is given.

Q: How can land be preserved?

A: There are two common ways anyone can work with GTLCA to preserve land. It is important to remember that each parcel of land needs to be considered individually. There are too many different options available to be overly detailed here. Contact a GTLCA board member to discuss details about specific parcels of land.

Conservation Easement:
That is a legal agreement between a land owner and GTLCA that will permanently protect the land from extensive future development while allowing the property owner to continue to own the land. The land can then be sold or passed down to heirs. The conservation easement remains with the land forever. Each easement can be structured to suit the land, landowner, and GTLCA. Farmers may want to give up development rights yet retain rights to harvest crops and build agricultural structures. Others may want to preserve a special wildlife area. Typically, placing an easement on the property results in a property tax savings as well as making it financially feasible to pass it on to heirs.

Land Donation:
This allows the property owner to actually deed the property over to GTLCA. This is an excellent strategy if: you do not want to pass the property to heirs; own property you do not use; have land that has greatly appreciated; or have large real estate holdings and want to reduce estate taxes. If you donate your land, you can receive substantial income tax deductions and estate tax benefits.

Q: How can I support GTLCA?

A: You can become a member of GTLCA or just make a contribution by clicking on the Support Us page.